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Why Online Surveys?

Online surveys help managers become "data-driven" in their decisions by using real-time survey information from their employees, members or customers to improve their department operations.

Surveying on the internet is a quick and easy way to find out what your employees and customers think, need and want. Their attitudes and perceptions can be accessed and summarized quickly with results to you as a manager in easy to read reports that focus your efforts for improvement.

Managers use online surveys and reports to:

  1. Meet their strategic goals
    • Measure customer satisfaction with products and services
    • Measure attainment of sales and marketing goals
  2. Learn about employee needs and strengths
    • Measure employee satisfaction with work environment
    • Measure employee training needs
    • Measure effectiveness of human resource practices
  3. Change ineffective work practices
    • Measure attainment of department-level goals
    • Focus efforts on selective areas identified for improvement


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