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"I noticed that students took the survey more seriously when they did it online."
John Muir Middle School

Surveys for Education

What questions do you face as a School Administrator? You need to find out what your teachers, parents, students and community think of your school.

What questions do you face as a teacher? Knowing that your students are responding to your lessons and knowing what your parents and students think of your classroom environment.

With webfeedback, you can replace the guesswork with an easy and effective method of collecting the information that helps you improve your school or classroom. Webfeedback uses advanced methods of gathering, analyzing and deploying critical measures of performance effectiveness.

What Does webfeedback Provide?

Webfeedback provides their customers with a set of standard school climate surveys, as well as the option of making customized surveys specific to the district's or school's needs. webfeedback also provides real-time reports in the form of descriptive statistics summarizing the total number respondents taking the survey in colorful bar charts with proportional number and percentages for each item answer.

Why Online Surveys?

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