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"We have already used the results to look at areas we aren't doing well in and talking about how to make these program improvements."
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Types of Education Surveys

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  1. School Climate Survey (Parent, Teacher and/or Student Satisfaction Surveys)
  2. Principals give an annual school climate survey to parents, teachers and/or students to assess their satisfaction with school goals, programs and activities. The survey results are used for on-going school planning and program improvement.

  3. Classroom Climate Survey
  4. Teachers give this survey to students several times during the year to assess the classroom learning climate and the impact of their classroom environment on student learning. The teacher and students use the information to make immediate improvements in the classroom to better meet the learning needs of the students.

  5. District Services Survey
  6. District office administrators give an annual survey to school-level administrators (principals and vice-principals) to assess the effectiveness of district programs and services to schools. Survey questions usually cover curriculum and instruction, human resource and technology services to schools. District departments use the information to make improvements in their services and programs to schools to better meet their needs .

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Survey questions for customized surveys are drawn from the following educational textbooks:

Group Processes in the Classroom (Eighth Edition)
by Richard A. Schmuck and Patricia A. Schmuck
© 2001 McGraw-Hill

Learning to Teach (Fourth Edition)
by Richard I. Arends
© 1998 McGraw Hill.

The Handbook of Organization Development in Schools and Colleges (Fourth Edition)
by Richard A. Schmuck and Philip J. Runkel
©1994 Waveland Press

Group Processes in the Classroom (Eighth Edition)
by Richard A. Schmuck and Patricia A. Schmuck
© 2001 McGraw-Hill

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